DADC 500 Twist

DADC 500 Twist Control

works with a gentle twist of the wrist for the gas and a push of the same lever for brakes. Action is smooth and precise. Ideal for drivers with limited strength and range of motion in their hands (s). Space savings is achieved over other hand control systems because no lever movement is needed for gas. ‘Vacuum Power Assist’ enables full throttle in one turn of the wrist.

‘Regular’ & ‘Vacuum Power Assist’ Models are both available – call for full description and variances in model selection.

DADC 500 Brake Only

The DADC is designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury, upper or lower extremity disabilities, including limited range of motion or use of only one leg, or drivers who can operate the pedals, but are challenged with the transition from gas to brake. the user pushes the contro’s handle to apply the brakes. The DADC 500 Brake Only provides a quick, light action and a smooth response. It fits a wide range of vehicles with little or no cutting to the dashboard, and its self-lubricating components to eliminate maintenance and squeaks. Pedals and cruise control remain fully functional when the hand control is installed. It mounts on either side of the steering wheel. All fasteners and major parts aremade of high-strength stainless steel. It can be tailored with a mix of metal, wood or paint to compliment any car’s interior.

Call for pricing and to order.



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