Should I Set Up a Classroom?

Why Set Up A Classroom?

A New School does not necessarily require a “Brick and Mortar” location.  In some cases, it is preferable to engage in a partnership with a local High School, Church or Community Center where classes may be held without the expense of monthly rent.  In these cases, a Facility Use Fee or a Per Student Seat Fee may be paid to the sponsoring entity.

In most cases, however, a physical space for the office and a classroom must be arranged.  The State will dictate the amount of square footage and approve all aspects of the location, i.e., Ingress and Egress, Lighting, Seating, Tables and Chairs, Presentation Equipment, etc.  Some states will allow you to have an office in a separate part of your home and not do the office at the classroom site.  Check with your state for their requirements.

Where Should I Locate My Classroom?

The Most Successful Locations

  • Near Local High Schools
  • At a Church or Community Center
  • Convenient to Local Neighborhoods or Communities

What Are the Characteristics of a Successful Classroom?

The Hallmarks of a Successful Classroom

  • A Solid Instructor that is known and respected in the area
  • A clean and Well-Lit Space
  • Unique Offerings that distinguish it from the competition
    • Fire or Police Personnel visit
    • Learning Activities that engage young minds
    • Workbooks that follow or supplement Curriculum
    • PowerPoint Presentations
    • Current CDs or DVDs
    • Good YouTube links on varied Driving Topics

How Do I Recruit Good Teachers for My School?

Your New School will only be as successful as the talent you have our front.  Prospecting for and sourcing quality Instructors is an ongoing challenge and essential for growth and success.  The following are good places to look for and find new talent.

  • Local High School Teachers looking for Summer and Part-Time Income.
  • Friends of your family.
  • Church or Synagogue affiliation.  These folks are known and trustworthy quantities.
  • MVA/DMV  Licensed Instructors looking for a change may be a good find.

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