• Horizontal Area Of Raised Platform (running Side to Side) is 10” (2” Hgt.)
  • Stabilizer-Lip of 2”additional Horizontal Area (1” on ea. Side of Raised Platform area)
  • Vertical Area (running Front to Back) is 7” on Raised Platform Area
  • Extension-Plate (lays flat on flat portion of Floor-Board) is 6”


Total Space and Dimensions

  • Horizontal 12”
  • Vertical 13”
  • Weight 13 Lbs.


Features and Benefits

  • ALL-USA Steel
  • Heavy-Duty 25 Gauge Steel- will not shift in heavy-braking
  • Positioning in ‘nook’ at base of Firewall makes quicker braking possible
  • Welds that can be bent to make Platform fit various Makes and Models
  • Transferable – easy to move from car to car
  • Saves BIG DOLLARS on Labor and Time of Install


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